FRP submarine cable protection tube

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Similar to other power equipment in the power system, under the influence of the external environment, some latent faults will inevitably occur in the cable line during operation.

Even serious accidents of insulation breakdown and explosion. Burning and thick smoke, etc., and once this type of failure occurs, the main insulation of the cable is severely damaged, which is an irreversible process.

It will seriously affect the safe operation of the power grid, causing major economic losses and adverse social impacts. For the currently commonly used pre-cooled shrinkable cable accessories,

The large number of internal composite interfaces, the concentration of local electric field stress, and the difficulty of ensuring on-site construction techniques are the main reasons for the failure of cable accessories.

The intelligent monitoring system of the intermediate joint mainly includes intelligent monitoring terminals (including IoT sensors) and IoT gateways, which are equipped with temperature, current, and

Monitoring and alarm functions for information such as ozone, humidity, vibration and flammable gas in the cable channel. Through the analysis of various monitoring and alarm data,

Timely reflect the on-site operation situation, prevent accidents caused by environmental changes, unauthorized activities, equipment status changes, etc., and meet the needs of remote operation and maintenance of cable trenches.

With the advancement of the construction of smart grids and UHV grids in my country, the cable accessory industry will move toward AC ultra-high voltage, DC high-voltage

The development of temperature superconductivity and other directions, the research and development of new materials and low-carbon environmental protection are also important directions for technological innovation in the industry.

FRP submarine cable protection tube


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