Hot aerosol fire extinguishing device

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The hot aerosol fire extinguishing device is a new high-efficiency and environmentally-friendly fire-fighting product pioneered in China and with the world's advanced level. It is a high-tech green fire-fighting product that benefits mankind under the background of the International Montreal Agreement and my country’s increased awareness of environmental protection. It is an ideal substitute for halon fire extinguishing devices and is suitable for clean places such as communication rooms and electronic computer rooms.

●Small size, no need to lay pipe network for atmospheric storage; fast fire extinguishing speed, no dead ends; no poison, no corrosion, no damage to the atmosphere

Ozone layer.

●Suitable for: telecommunication main control room, airport control room, bank vault, archives, library, computer room and other occasions.

●Cost saving: Because the aerosol fire extinguishing system is light in weight, small in space, simple installation, atmospheric storage and almost negligible maintenance costs, it has the lowest cost in gas fire fighting products.

●No harm to human body: The main composition of the sprayed S-type aerosol fire extinguishing agent is N2, a small amount of CO2, metal salt solid particles, etc., all of which are non-toxic substances.


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