Integrity: treat people with sincerity, abide by credit, respect others, strengthen communication, and be consistent in words and actions. Professional: professional attitude, professionalism, professional skills, professional standards, pursuit of excellence. Integration: With a broad vision, a broad mind, embracing all rivers, working together to achieve symbiosis and mutual prosperity. Innovation: technological innovation, management innovation, service innovation, self transcendence and keeping pace with the times


Small development is difficult, big development is difficult, and without development, it is difficult. Development is the eternal theme of enterprises. Jump out of Annuo to see Annuo, know oneself and the other, and be good at integrating resources, always half a beat faster than others. Cooperation should be seen in competition, competition should be seen in cooperation, and win-win is the foundation for achieving one's own development.


The unchanging law of the market is always changing, and the only way to operate is to react quickly and adapt to changes. Market oriented, everyone faces the market, and everyone serves the market. The only one who truly defeats us is ourselves, always facing the crisis of survival. The core driving force for mastering market initiative is the never complacent pioneering spirit.


Management science management, standardized quality management, procedural on-site management, standardized marketing management, and star service management. Quality is life. The strictness, clarity, rigor, and rigor of all personnel, processes, and systems are the guarantee of zero defect quality.